Monday, June 21, 2010

Tons of New Jimmy Kimmel Stills

I saved everything, so here they are

With Rob

Rest of the cast

Just Jared


Yaelfica said...

i'm an art teacher and my fav pintor is Dali since 1992. imagine my surprise when i found out that rob played him in a movie...i think rob prepared really well for this role. remember the drawing he made for auction?:

many thought that one of the doodles was actually a penis..and that the whole drawing looked very "Daliesque" someone called it..well Dali used to paint "that" in some of his most famous paints such as this one:

if u look closer u will find at least two in this one alone..
so in my opinion he took his role as Dali really serious as to study so much about him that some things stuck lol..
what i meant with this is that there is more about him that meets the least i think so..
sorry the "longness"hehe hope u liked it anyway :D

twilightnan said...

hi Yaelfica thank u for this info,I feel bad now for thinking that Rob made that drawing after a pub crawl/ drinking session when he was in london..ITA there is more to Rob than meets the eyes..he is full of goodness ,a credit to his parents..I haven't seen this film little ashes ,only brief clips on you tube..the film won award so his acting must be good..I'd love to see it but not sure I'll be able to watch Rob in an intimate scene with a man is always great to read your comments!..thanks for the link re-dali I'll have a look.

RobPattinsonBerlin said...

Such a beautiful Movie, Little Ashes!
I love it and the Dalí/Lorca scene are awesome!!!!! Masterpiece!

Catherine said...

Little Ashes is my favorite Rob film. It wasn't perfect but his performance was amazing in it. I say that because I'm not really into films like it - I decided to watch it only because I wanted to see as much of his films as I could and I was blown away by it. I couldn't stop thinking about the movie for days and it actually made me more interested in learning about Dali.

I loved Remember Me too..but that one I was expecting to like lol unlike LA, so maybe that's why Little Ashes stuck so much in my mind.

Yaelfica said...

it's a beautiful and sort of sad movie..but @twilightnan u SHOULD watch doesn't have all the way sex scenes really..and it has some that are really sweet and touching..imo..the "Cadaques" scenes are beautiful! and the music magical..ohhh for u who have seen it the part in the mirror it's something Dali painted a lot as well..kisses to u all

behnaz said...